Periods With One Direction

You’re on your period, what happens?

          Harry - You are sitting at home doing your homework when your calculator freezes. “WHY WHY WHY?” You shout, bursting into tears. You were currently wearing sweatpants and a tank top because everything else felt mega uncomfortable. Harry came rushing into the room to see you sitting on the floor hugging your math textbook. “I’ll get the chocolate.” He says, knowing right away that mother nature was getting her revenge. 

          Louis - You wake up to the third day of your period. The cramps were really bad last night so you barely slept at all, adding to your crankyness. Louis still had not picked up on the fact that it was that special, magical time of the month and you were hoping to keep it that way. Suddenly Louis ran into the room and jumped ontop of you, tickling your sides. Before you could think you shouted out “LOUIS THERE IS BLOOD GUSHING FROM MY VAGINA, GET OFF!” His face goes red before he hops off of you, “where are you going?” “To call my mum and figure out what to do.” He replies without turning back. 

          Liam - Liam walks into the house at the precise moment that you are shoving a handful of chips into your mouth. You blink once before draining the rest of the chocolate milk that you were drinking. “Hey, babe, what’s up?” Liam asks, a bit surprised by your caveman-like manners. “Liam hun, what happens to girls once a month?” You ask, enjoying watching him squirm. To your surprise he walks over, kisses your head, and then leaves locking himself in the bedroom until you’re done with your feeding-frenzy. Later you see that he tweeted “scared for my life #girlfriendproblems.” You can’t tell if you want to laugh or yell at him. 

          Niall - “MY UTERUS IS FALLING OUT OF ME!” You roar in Niall’s direction. He had just asked the innocent question of “how are you doing?” but it had set you off. “I HATE BEING A GIRL!” You groan. “NOW I’M TAKING ALL THE ANGER OUT ON YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” You shout again at a very confused Niall. “I’m gonna go and get a romantic movie for us to watch and some candy.” He says, staying as far away as possible from you. “Mike n’ Ikes please.” You say sweetly, mood swings. Niall smiles nervously before dashing out of the house, leaving you to your girl problems. 

          Zayn - You and Zayn were watching a movie when his hand started slowly climbing up your leg. Normally this would have been appreciated but NOT now. Before he got to your thigh you whispered “I’d stop unless you want me to bite your f*cking hand off.” Zayn, taking the hint, kept his hands to himself for the next little while. 

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